[ovirt-users] Import Domain and snapshot issue ... please help !!!

Maor Lipchuk mlipchuk at redhat.com
Tue Feb 13 13:09:47 UTC 2018

On Tue, Feb 13, 2018 at 1:48 PM, Enrico Becchetti <
enrico.becchetti at pg.infn.it> wrote:

>  Dear All,
> I have been using ovirt for a long time with three hypervisors and an
> external engine running in a centos vm .
> This three hypervisors have HBAs and access to fiber channel storage.
> Until recently I used version 3.5, then I reinstalled everything from
> scratch and now I have 4.2.
> Before formatting everything, I detach the storage data domani (FC) with
> the virtual machines and reimported it to the new 4.2 and all went well. In
> this domain there were virtual machines with and without snapshots.
> Now I have two problems. The first is that if I try to delete a snapshot
> the process is not end successful and remains hanging and the second
> problem is that
> in one case I lost the virtual machine !!!

Not sure that I fully understand the scneario.'
How was the virtual machine got lost if you only tried to delete a snapshot?

> So I need your help to kill the three running zombie tasks because with
> taskcleaner.sh I can't do anything and then I need to know how I can delete
> the old snapshots
> made with the 3.5 without losing other data or without having new
> processes that terminate correctly.
> If you want some log files please let me know.

Hi Enrico,

Can you please attach the engine and VDSM logs

> Thank you so much.
> Best Regards
> Enrico
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