[Users] Strange UI bug: tab "VM" unusable / oVirt 3.3.1+

Frank Wall fw at moov.de
Mon Dec 9 14:56:21 UTC 2013

Hi Tomas,

On 2013-12-09 14:22, Tomas Jelinek wrote:
> 2: spiceSupportMatrix.get(osId) returned null. [...]
> I would guess this is the issue. To verify this could you please paste
> here the content of all .../osinfo.conf.d/*.properties and also the
> result of
> "select os, vm_name from vm_static" DB query so we can find which
> value is not there.

you're right. I did a lookup in the database and compared the values
to the entries in /etc/ovirt-engine/osinfo.conf.d/*.properties.
I noticed that the "os" ID 6 is assigned multiple times, but not
defined in a .properties file (anymore).

A quick check in the Admin Portal confirms this:
open "Edit Virtual Machine" => Operating System: null

I can't remember what "os" ID 6 was in previous releases. Anyway,
since I used this to classify my FreeBSD VMs, I've setup a new
file defining it:

# cat /etc/ovirt-engine/osinfo.conf.d/freebsd.properties
# FreeBSD(6, OsType.BSD, false),
os.freebsd.id.value = 6
os.freebsd.name.value = FreeBSD
os.freebsd.derivedFrom.value = other
os.freebsd.description.value = FreeBSD Operating System
os.freebsd.family.value = BSD

This fixed my issue, but I still would like to know why ID 6
was silently removed in 3.3.1 :-) Maybe it should be re-added
in 3.3.2 to avoid this UI breakage for other people.

- Frank

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