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Isaac Rooskov irooskov at redhat.com
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Hi Dave :)

It is easy to move things to and from Zanata - we like to work with communities, not lock them in. You can download the source and translated files, and takes these straight to any other translation tool.

Both Transifex and Zanata have strengths and weaknesses. If there are any questions I can answer or ways we can improve Zanata for you all please do let me know. We have had some great ideas brought to us from the Fedora community (as an example) and are in the process of implementing. 



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On 10/21/2013 11:12 PM, Marcelo Barbosa wrote:
> We have several Fedora related projects[1] using transifex as
> translation platform. I myself have been using transifex for some
> time, but searching for oVirt, I noticed it isn't there. Actually it
> is on Zanata platform.
> I'm wondering if we could take advantage of the big transifex
> subscribed user base and get oVirt in line with main fedora projects
> by migrating oVirt translations to transifex. Not sure if we have
> discussed this matter before. Anyway, I'm able to help with migration
> (if needed) and further help with oVirt translations.
> Could you guys share your thoughts?

I'm a big fan of Transifex, which is, like Zanata, open source. I also
think that translation communities work in ecosystems, and it makes
sense ot have oVirt where there is the biggest gathering of systems
related & virt management projects - which looks to me to be around

Isaac, Carlos, what would be involved in moving to Transifex? What would
we gain and lose from the move?


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