[ovirt-users] New problem with hosted-engine during "Configuring the management bridge"

Sandro Bonazzola sbonazzo at redhat.com
Thu May 15 13:59:32 UTC 2014

Il 15/05/2014 15:55, Bob Doolittle ha scritto:
> On 05/15/2014 05:03 AM, Dan Kenigsberg wrote:
>> On Wed, May 14, 2014 at 08:06:00PM -0400, Bob Doolittle wrote:
>>> Thanks John.
>>> When hosted-engine aborts, it uninstalls everything.
>>> So there is no webadmin available.
>>> I've tried modifying the VDSM python code (e.g.
>>> /usr/share/vdsm/storage/multipath.py and
>>> /usr/lib64/python2.7/site-packages/vdsm/tool/service.py) to see/work around
>>> what's going wrong, but oddly VDSM does not seem to be affected. I suspect
>>> the original code (or bytecodes) are cached somewhere.
>> I do not think that this is the issue, but you can remove all trace of
>> *.pyc/*.pyo to make sure this is not the case.
> In fact I see new pyc being produced, so that's myterious as well.
>>> Restarting vdsmd
>>> service has no effect. I'd really appreciate some insight there so I can
>>> work around it.
>> What have you changed exactly? Where? If you add a plain syntax error to
>> the script, does it still run?
> Very simple changes, to try to get a copy of the multipath.conf file that was presumably causing the error (since the hosted-setup cleans up when it
> aborts). I've attached them (full filenames ^^).
> The file never appears.
> I also attached a replacement I installed for multipath, which runs the *real* multipath (moved to multipath.bak) and filters the output to remove the
> known problematic warnings, and then exits with 0 status.
> But the weirdest thing is that I instrumented systemctl (replaced it with a script that logged its args and then executed the real one), and systemctl
> is *never* being invoked to start multipathd. Here's what it logged:
> show-environment
> show-environment
> status vdsmd.service
> show -p LoadState firewalld.service
> show -p LoadState sshd.service
> show -p LoadState firewalld.service
> show -p Id firewalld.service
> disable firewalld.service
> stop firewalld.service
> stop libvirtd.service
> start libvirtd.service
> status sshd.service
> show -p Id vdsmd.service
> enable vdsmd.service
> stop vdsmd.service
> start vdsmd.service
> If I run "vdsm-tool service-reload multipathd" by hand then I see the log I'd expect:
> reload multipathd.service

If this command works, hosted-engine setup should not fail on it.
The setup doesn't touch anything related to multipathd.

>>> Does oVirt 3.4.1 work more smoothly with F20? I chose F19 because it's more
>>> stable at this point, thinking that things would be more likely to work
>>> smoothly. It's not turning out that way... I'm willing to start over with
>>> F20 if there's no path forward.
>> Vdsm works fine on 3.4.1, but I do not know about hosted-engine. Engine
>> itself is known not to work on F20.
> What OS is hosted-engine known to work on?

I use it on F19 with fedora virt-preview repo and on RHEL 6.5.
I've seen mails about people using it on CentOS.
I've not tested it on F20 yet but since vdsm should work fine on F20, it should work there too.

> -Bob
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