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> Subject: [ovirt-devel] [RFC] oVirt mobile client
> Hi,
> The focus of our OPW internship program starting in December will be
> mobile and/or lightweight engine clients -- hopefully integrating the
> new ovirt.js project.


Sorry for the ignorant question - does this mean the technology will be web based or native? (i.e - java on top of android, Swift/Objective-C on top of IOS)

> I see that there are some already existing mobile clients for oVirt.
> I'm trying to grasp what we have and what the needs are.
> moVirt: https://github.com/matobet/moVirt (mbetak)
> This appears to be more of a lightweight webadmin. No console access,
> but I believe it's planned as part of OPW. (?)

I spoke with mbetak about this a few months ago.
When you speak of console, you mean to actually view the VM using spice? sounds very interesting.
If I recall, Alon levy (a former red hatter) worked on some spice implementation for html5 or something like that.

Anyway, back in TLV I also had some ideas around that. Do you have some IRC meetings or something that I can join?


> nomad: http://www.ovirt.org/Project_Proposal_-_Nomad and
> https://github.com/Vizuri/ovirt-nomad
> Looks dead -- last commit 3 years ago.
> Anyone know more about this one?
> That's all I see on the first few pages of google.
> When I think of a mobile client for oVirt, I think the most useful
> part would be the user portal -- simple operations for start, stop,
> and the ability to view the console of vms. moVirt mentions it wants
> to support some basic management operations, though. I think it would
> be difficult to do complex management in a mobile client. (I'm biased
> towards huge screens, though.)
> I'd like to see an official subproject started that coordinates our
> mobile efforts.
> Is this possible? What would it take to start it?
> What would people like to see in such an app?
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