[ovirt-users] Average VM per host

Nicolas Ecarnot nicolas at ecarnot.net
Wed Oct 19 20:50:48 UTC 2016

Le 19/10/2016 à 19:49, Yaniv Kaul a écrit :
> On Oct 19, 2016 5:56 PM, "Nicolas Ecarnot" <nicolas at ecarnot.net
> <mailto:nicolas at ecarnot.net>> wrote:
>> Hello,

Hello Yaniv,

>> Though I read some surveys about this, I'd rather directly ask the
> oVirt community this question, and especially to people using it as a
> production cluster : as an average, how many VM are running on each of
> your hosts?
> The host with 1TB RAM or 64GB?
> There is no meaningful average for two reasons :
> - Host specs (example above) - some believe in scale up (fewer but
> stronger hosts), some believe in scale out (more hosts, not as high end).

*This* is mainly the point I am expecting to get some stats.
Literature about competitor's products are commonly describing few and 
strong hosts scenario, but I'd like to know how it goes in oVirt's world


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